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Data Quality - ความหมาย

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Data quality
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Data quality refers to the quality of data. Data are of high quality "if they are fit for their intended uses in operations, decision making and planning" (J.M. Juran). Alternatively, the data are deemed of high quality if they correctly represent the real-world construct to which they refer. These two views can often be in disagreement, even about the same set of data used for the same purpose.


There are a number of theoretical frameworks for understanding data quality. One framework seeks to integrate the product perspective (conformance to specifications) and the service perspective (meeting consumers' expectations) (Kahn et al 2002). Another framework is based in semiotics to evaluate the quality of the form, meaning and use of the data (Price and Shanks, 2004). One highly theoretical approach analyzes the ontological nature of information systems to define data quality rigorously (Wand and Wang, 1996).

A considerable amount of data quality research involves investigating and describing various categories of desirable attributes (or dimensions) of data. These lists commonly include accuracy, correctness, currency, completeness and relevance. Nearly 200 such terms have been identified and there is little agreement in their nature (are these concepts, goals or criteria?), their definitions or measures (Wang et al, 1993). Software engineers may recognise this as a similar problem to the so-called Ilities.

MIT has a Total Data Quality Management program, led by Professor Richard Wang, which produces a large number of publications and hosts a significant international conference in this field.

In practice, data quality is a concern for professionals involved with a wide range of information systems, ranging from datawarehousing and business intelligence to customer relationship management and supply chain management. One industry study estimated the total cost to the US economy of data quality problems at over US$600 billion per annum (Eckerson, 2002).

The market is going some way to providing data quality assurance. A number of vendors make tools for analysing and repairing poor quality data in situ, service providers can clean the data on a contract basis and consultants can advise on fixing processes or systems to avoid data quality problems in the first place. There are several well-known authors and self-styled experts, with Larry English perhaps the most popular guru.

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